Creating Tractor Workshop & To Train Mechanics for Entrepreneurship

By Rattan Singh | In TRAINING

Posted on 2 July, 2016

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Need for Tractor Workshop / Local Garage for Farmers

India is an agriculture country and agriculture in India has moved from primary agriculture to a more modern mechanized agriculture The farmer to tractor ratio is one of the major challenges confronting farmers in the region during the farming season which sometimes lead to the late planting of crops.


We need to assure farmers, particularly smallholder farmers that the difficulty in accessing tractor service in the northern region during farming season will be a thing of the past.


With the setting up of workshop and services centres run by trained and efficient Technicians / Local Garage Owners, the farmer to tractor ratio in the region will significantly be bridged.


If at each district level, we are able to adopt efficient mechanized-driven agriculture, the country will not only be self-sufficient in food production but could be a net exporter of agriculture produce.


Farm Equipment Mechanics Education and Training Program Overviews

Farm equipment mechanics are an important part of the agricultural industry and in high demand during the growing season. Individuals with an aptitude for mechanics who are interested in farm equipment repair may seek a technical diploma or associate's degree in diesel technology.


Training Programs for Technicians

Individuals in rural areas, must be encouraged, who are considering an entry-level career in farm equipment repair may pursue this program. These programs for entry level last 30 days and provide hands-on experience in tractor and agricultural equipment repair.


These programs give learning on basic tractor and equipment machinery, on how to analyze tractors and farm equipment for malfunctions, repair techniques and an overview of diesel technology. It may cover the following topics for study purpose and also for making aware on how to analyse problems, defects and then repair the same:


  • Diesel engine
  • Transmission (Gear-Box)
  • Hydraulics system
  • Cooling system (Radiator)
  • Automotive electricity
  • Suspension (Axle) systems
  • Preventative maintenance

Introduction to be an entrepreneur having a 'Local Garage'

Repairing & Servicing Workshop business is a viable business provided that it is operated with a good business acumen that involves having a thorough knowledge and experience of the repair and service operations and also managing the jobs with the right type of skilled manpower.


When these factors combine with good customer relationship management and effective business development skills, the business is expected to give considerable profits which are expected to grow over the years.


Market Potential, Infrastructure & Financial Analysis

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By upgrading technical skills and providing a well equipped workshop

  • Machine Performance and Output is Enhanced.
  • Repeat Failures are Prevented.
  • Mechanics Take Pride in their New, Future Ready, Outlook.
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Ultimately Self Reliance / Entrepreneurship

Who will setup these Local Garages?

Who will provide Training?


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